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NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

Cracked heels are a common problem, sometimes referred to as skin fissures. They are caused by a number of factors including naturally dry skin, wearing open-backed sandals, winter weather and other skin conditions. For those suffering from cracked heels, it can range from being inconvenient (socks snag!) to being extremely painful, making even walking difficult.

Most products that are designed for cracked feet tend to only provide some immediate relief by lubricating the area when applied, and in some cases providing a thick greasy or waxy barrier that requires the use of socks to prevent the product from getting on your clothes or the sheets. These products are designed to relieve the symptoms but not to fix the problem.

That's why NovaKera 7-Day Health Skin Cream is dramatically different. It has a light, non-greasy and non-waxy texture that absorbs quickly. It not only provides immediate relief for dry, tight skin but, more importantly, it visibly improves the look and feel of cracked skin in just days - not just covering it up. And the effects last for several days.

NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

Let's face it - dry, rough elbows can be unsightly! And there's a reason why so many of us suffer from it. Nature designed the skin around our elbows to be thicker in order to protect the underlying bone from harm. But this thicker skin is also more susceptible to dryness and moisture loss, especially when the humidity drops in the air around us. This results in elbow skin becoming, in some cases, the texture of sandpaper and even discolored darker as the overlying skin becomes dehydrated and moisture deprived.

NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream has a light, non-greasy, non-waxy texture that glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly. For most people the NovaKera cream will give you visibly smoother and improved elbows in just days. For best results you may also want to gently exfoliate your elbows to remove the dead surface skin cells, by using an exfoliating scrub or loofah.

It is a good practice to continue to apply the cream at least once daily during low humidity seasons to ensure that smooth skin is maintained.

NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

Our hands are constantly taking a beating, and split fingertips are a common problem associated with frequent hand washing, harsh outdoor weather and even the work we do every day with our hands. The condition is not just unsightly, but can also be very painful and interfere with performing every day tasks with your hands.

Most products that are designed for split fingertips are even more greasy and waxy than those designed for feet, leaving what they call a "protective" coating which is just a physical barrier to try and counter against the fact that you will be washing your hands repeatedly during the day. Some even require the use of gloves so that the product stays on.

We at NovaKera formulated our all natural 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream because we understand your needs. Our cream goes on easily and absorbs quickly leaving no greasy, waxy residue. You don't have to worry about whether you can wash your hands or not because the cream absorbs in just minutes. Most people will start seeing a visible improvement with smoother, improved skin in just a few days.

NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

for more uses !

Our NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream was formulated primarily for Cracked Heels, Rough Elbows and Split Fingertips. However, when we started our Friends and Family trials, we had so many enthusiastic participants for whom this all natural cream worked so well they also tried it on other conditions they were experiencing. These included:

- Extremely dry, chapped hands
- Dry knees
- Cuts & scrapes
- Some types of psoriasis
- Some types of eczema
... .
.. and the list goes on!

We would love to hear from you if you've been successful using our cream for some of your special needs. Use our "Share your discovery" button.
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NovaKera Healthy Skin Cream gift
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