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NovaKera LLC
A step change improvement in skin health

Our goal at NovaKera is to bring you skin health products that are a step change improvement over other products. And we do that with a commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients, as well as a solid foundation based on science and data.

The NovaKera story is one of both serendipity and the pursuit of scientific answers. It all started when one of us (a PhD biochemist) developed a hypothesis that bridged her expertise on natural products with new research findings on physiological responses, leading to a new learning about skin health. So she enlisted the help of two former colleagues, and together we three women scientists set off to further understand and address the skin issues affecting many, but for which there were no ideal solutions.

Today, with many highly successful Friends & Family trials behind us, we bring you our first break-through 100% Natural product - NovaKera Healthy Skin Cream. We are excited to be able to share this wonderful product with all of you!