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What others have been saying about NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

This is the first product I've seen that actually healed the cracks in my fingers quickly and then continued to ward off the cracks for weeks after I stopped using it.
- Skip, Dayton, OH

My left heel has been terrific with absolutely NO cracks and that has never happened before.
- Martin, Palm Springs, CA

NovaKera is one of the best "feeling" products I've ever used. It has a light creamy texture and scent that soaks right into my skin.
- Susan, Wilmington, DE

I did like the way the cream soaked into my hands after just a minute. My cracked knuckles started to feel smooth on the day 4th. The cracks were gone by the day 7th. Very good cream, highly recommend to anyone suffering from cracks. Although, the scent was a little strong, I got used to it.
- Paula, Mt. Clair, NJ

I love that the cream is not greasy and absorbs immediately. And I like the nice citrus scent. I used the cream on my heels and feel like that cracks in my heels were decreased almost immediately. After a week my heels are smoother. Would love to try this cream during sandal season. I want more!
- Cindy, Wilmington, DE

As someone who works in a laboratory and must wear gloves most of the day, I’ve had a lot of problems with dry irritated skin on my hands. NovaKera cream is the best moisturizing product I have used to date. One application in the morning kept my hands comfortable and moist all day even through multiple glove changes and hand washes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry irritated hands.
- Dan, Philadelphia, PA The product immediately has a soothing effect on my hand and make them feel softer. The cracking and peeling diminishes with continued use.
- Anne, Glen Mills, PA

I think the product is very useful for healing dry and cracked skin. My cracked heels and split fingertips healed after 7 day treatment. I have used other OTC products, however with none of them I achieved the same result.
- Sasha, Kalamazoo, MI

It worked great on the skin split on my toe.
- Pat, Lafayette Hill, PA

I have used lots of hand creams but not had this success before. Thank you.
- Gary, Middletown, MD

It is really refreshing. It is a wonderful lotion. Wow, this is far better than anything else I’ve tried! I can't believe my hands are cracked free even after I washed my hands numerous times a day. I think it is a must for all new dog owners. Thanks!
- Jenny, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

NovaKera is a skin treatment I look forward to using due to its non-greasy feel and "aroma-therapeutic" scent.
- Marcy, Chicago, IL

This product produced results that lasted longer than other products I've used.
- Terri, Earleville, MD