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100% Natural NovaKera 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream

for Split Fingertips

Our hands are constantly taking a beating, and split fingertips are a common problem associated with frequent hand washing, harsh outdoor weather and even the work we do every day with our hands. The condition is not just unsightly, but can also be very painful and interfere with performing every day tasks with your hands.

Most products that are designed for split fingertips are even more greasy and waxy than those designed for feet, leaving what they call a "protective" coating which is just a physical barrier to try and counter against the fact that you will be washing your hands repeatedly during the day. Some even require the use of gloves so that the product stays on.

We at NovaKera formulated our all natural 7-Day Healthy Skin Cream because we understand your needs. Our cream goes on easily and absorbs quickly leaving no greasy, waxy residue. Once it absorbs into the skin, you don't have to worry about whether you can wash your hands or not because the cream absorbs in just minutes. Most people will start seeing a visible improvement with smoother, improved skin in just a few days.
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NovaKera Healthy Skin Cream gift
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